Photographer Portfolios

As a model do you want to be paid for your work, join a modelling agency and represent major product brands.

As a photographer do you want to promote your services better than just social media.


In order to do this and be taken seriously you must present in a professional manner. Unfortunately showing someone your Instagram profile won't work.  How many photos on your feed are of a personal or questionable nature?  Are these photos or videos a what potential client, agency or business wants to see?  Very unlikely.


There is an option to stand out from the crowd.  Angels Media and Chris Himing can produce custom designed personal eBooks, iBooks, and even personal newsagent style fully printed glossy magazines.  

You can email an agent or business your own personal digital portfolio like the ones linked below.  It can also be saved on your phone or tablet as an interactive magazine portfolio.


Step up your game, stand out from the crowd and get professional help to take your modelling to the next level.   


Get in touch with Chris to view the amazing samples of what is possible.  Contact Chris for an interactive Apple iBook version.


You can even add video.

Click on the samples below to view here or click on the link to open full screen.