Who and Where is Angels Magazine?

All magazines are managed and edited in Perth, Western Australia by Chris Himing.  Most fashion and modelling publications are impersonal and you will have no personal contact with anyone, We believe in doing what we can to support your local creatives and businesses, while providing a personalised level of service.  If you have any questions just ask and Chris will be there to help.


Who can submit photos and articles to the magazine?

Any model, photographer, or agency can submit photos or articles for consideration. Please read and follow all of the guidelines on the weblink, “Submissions - Conditions”.  


When and who will reply to me?

We believe in one on one personal service and contact.  However as the magazine becomes more popular having every person ask the same question can get a little time consuming.  Please read through this page and the submission guidelines and if you then have any questions please touch base.


When will I know if I am accepted to be published?

The process of laying out the magazine is constantly a work in progress.  Many factors influence the ability to not only publish photos but also just how many photos.  We will let you know you have been selected to feature as soon as possible after your submission.  We will then be in regular contact with regards to the actual finer details of the layout.


Do Models, Photographers, etc get a FREE print copy of the magazine?

Sadly we can’t offer any free copies to our contributors. Angels magazines are an independent small print run magazine.s  The time to manage and produce the magazine alone is huge.  All our print magazines are paid for and printed up front before any sales are made.  The cost of small run printing is expensive however very good quality and worth the effort.  


Our long term goal is certainly one of sharing free copies with our contributors to say thanks but at this stage the costs by far outweigh any income.  

The more support we receive now the more we will be able to give back later.


FREE Digital Copies?

Yes.  All models will be given a free digital copy of the magazine.  You will also receive the tear sheets of your actual submission pages.  The digital magazine is supplied in either an ePub version able to to opened in Apple iBooks or a complete PDF version.


Where can I buy a copy?

Printed magazines and digital downloads will be available from our MagCloud store website.  (Buy A Copy link) These magazines will be printed on demand once you order them.  Price will be $25 US dollars plus postage from San Francisco.